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An International Response to the 

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The United Dance Community

Balletristic (
Call for Response

We, Ukrainians, are initiating

a flash mob and asking

for your support to draw the world's attention to the horror of the Ukrainian people because of the brutality of Russia and Putin.


Artistic Director Della Cowall, has choreographed a 6-minute popup response for dancers of all skill levels.

Learn the Dance

1) Attend or host a session.

2) Join the Participant and/or Organizer List

3) Show up for the Popup

Why this? Why Now?

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded the sovereign, peaceful Ukraine and caused the largest refugee crisis since WWII. Over six million

Ukrainians have fled with little more than a change of clothes, a bag of food and their loved ones. While they have left much behind, the

Ukrainian people brought their language, culture and arts. #danceforukraine honors their resiliency and hope for a peaceful return.

Participants learning the choreography will:

  • be added to the #danceforukraine Participant Contact List

  • be permitted to teach it to others 

  • identify events (outdoor festivals and other gatherings) for flash mob activities

  • organize flash mob "happenings"

Organizers will be provided with:

  • Movement Score

  • Kyiv Air Raid Drill Sound Score (5:46 min)

  • #danceforukraine Participant Contact List

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