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Née Danse/Theatre exists to captivate, rouse, and expand the creative capacity of individuals and communities through dance, theatre, music.


Galvanizing creative energy to fully articulate human expression,

Née Danse/Theatre is a performing arts organization committed to the development and presentation of dance and theatre. The organization actively seeks to foster work that purposefully merges dance and theatre practices, supports artistic endeavors and creates innovative, visceral productions, and educational experiences.

Board of Directors:

Artistic Director/President: Della Cowall

Vice President: Corinna Burns

Secretary: Julia Hoffmann

Board Member: Dee Hurt

Board Member: Samantha Caiola


. . . Della M. Cowall provides us with a gift of translating feelings into a theatrical language that is compelling and heartwarming. To watch "So Long Lives This: Parts One-Four," based on Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18," you will be impressed by the splendor of its minimalism. So very rarely is a performance so enchanting that you find yourself living from movement to movement, from gesture to gesture, in a trancelike state that is almost an out-of-body experience.

--The Patriot-News

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