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Holding One's Own

Holding One’s Own is a performance based on the collected stories of women living with breast cancer. Using text, dance, movement, acting and music, the performers trace the challenges faced by these women from diagnosis, treatment, and becoming a survivor. Interpersonal relationships convey the gratitude, strength, and resiliency of women facing cancer’s challenges.

Conceived and directed by Née Danse/Theatre's Artistic Director Della Cowall, the cast includes Philadelphia performers Alyssa Batsakis, Mia Donata Ricchio, Maranatha Purring, and Kacey Elfstrom (CT).


We are keeping our sense of humor. Josh was impressed with my restraint as I have yet to ask about a medical marijuana card. I need to wait until I’m one-on-one with the medical oncologist, let the conversation go a bit, shed a tear or two so it’s not too obvious before I get to the important stuff. Cancer is as good of an excuse as I’m getting for lots of things! Call into work? Ummmm, cancer. I need a chocolate shake, dammit. The lady with cancer wants one that’s why. Why get a tattoo? Cancer. Gotta find the silver lining, folks.

—Breast Cancer Survivor


Dragon's Egg Studio

401 Shewville Road

Ledyard, CT 06339

Saturday, November 16, 2019 @ 5:00pm

Eugene O'Neill Theater Center- Dina Merrill Theater

305 Great Neck Road

Waterford, CT 06385


Sunday, November 17, 2019 @ 8:00pm

Creative Residency:

Dragon's Egg Studio

401 Shewville Road

Ledyard, CT 06339


November 10- 17, 2019