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You are Née Danse/Theatre’s Greatest Asset!

Each tiny action builds momentum and here’s a list of possibilities to help create excitement about our production:

1. Follow Née Danse/Theatre on Facebook and Instagram
Your vote of confidence is meaningful. When you follow Née Danse/Theatre, you influence the hidden strings behind the curtain and boost their reach. In other words, your little click helps us become bigger!
Go one step further and like, share and comment on our posts posts, or post a picture and note on social media about your connection with us. We love to see your participation!

2. Forward one of Née Danse/Theatre emails to a friend to help build a new connection. Who in your circle of friends and family needs to know about our work? 
3. Volunteer a few hours of your time and expertise. We truly do need you! Let us know what you like to do and we’ll find a great spot for you. Many hands make light work!
4. Be a connector. Think of an influencer in your sphere who should know about Née Danse/Theatre and make an introduction. Do you know a blogger, podcaster, or other influencer whose topic relates to our production? Your personal introduction could result in a guest post or other opportunity to multiply the our efforts.

5. Donate. Time, money, gift cards, store credits, or?

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